FC Vorkuta – Serbian White Eagles

FC Vorkuta – Serbian White Eagles

05 Jul 2018

On Saturday (June 30, 2018) FC Vorkuta hosted the Canadian Soccer League Division 1 game against one of the closest rivals – Serbian White Eagles.

The game went on under extreme weather conditions as heat alert was in effect with temperature soaring to +33 degrees Celsius and +40 with humidity. Logically it affected the course of the game.
Still the game started with FC Vorkuta’s attacks but unfortunately all these attacks did not result in a goal.

The first clear goal scoring chance came on 25th minute when a solo run of our right defender Oleksandr Yaremchuk resulted in a cut-back pass to Sergei Ivliev whose shot went just centimeters over the bar.

Iaroslav Solonynko found himself one one one with Serbian White Eagles goalie on the 40th minute mark but failed to convert a 100% chance into a goal after a perfect stop by the goalie denying Iaoslav to extend his impressive scoring streak.

In the second half game became even more difficult as teams got tired and no neither of teams wanted to give up. One of the moments ended up with head on head collision of our striker Kristijan Kezic with Serbian White Eagles defender. Unfortunately both players got cuts and since referee decided that Kristijan’s injury won’t allow him to play we had to make a substitution. At this time Serbian White Eagles were playing two man shortr due to injuries and lack of substitutions.

FC Vorkuta makes two changes: Vadym Gostiev replaced Oleksandr Yaremchuk and Bogdan Riabets replaced Mykhaylo Riabyi. These two substitute players created our game winning goal: Vadym Gostiev’s long diagonal pass finds Bogdan Riabets who puts the ball into a far corner of the net. 1:0 – so much needed win for FC Vorkuta.

FC Vorkuta: Musiienko – Yaremchuk (69′ Gostiev), Bidlovskyi, Tarasenko (61′ Halchuk), Volchkov – Kerchu (captain), Haidarzhi, Riabyi (57′ Riabets), Solonynko, Ursulenko – Ivliev (46′ Kezic’; 69′ Gramm)

GOAL: 71st minute Bogdan Riabets (assisted by Vadym Gostiev) 1:0

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